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Cedarwood Apartments plays Bingo Bango BOOM!

Bingo Bango BOOM!
“Out with the old and in with the new” was our motto at the last night of Bingo for 2014. We celebrating it by adding an element of surprise to the night. We have been advertising for weeks about “Bingo Bango Boom” residents kept asking what that was all about, I would just tell them they would have to come and see. Our normal attendance for Bingo is about 6 people, tonight we more than doubled! The surprise was we played the dice game in between each round of Bingo giving away some fun prizes. I feel the residents had a great time laughing and trying to steal each other’s prizes. 
With the new year comes new events and activities at Cedarwood.  Give us a call to set up your tour for 2015.
Cedarwood Apartments Management
5450 Douglas Drive N.
Crystal, MN 55429