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| Community: Creekside Gables

Join us for a game of Scrabble at Creekside Gables!

Residents of Creekside Gables prepare to play a game of scrabble on an oversized scrabble board given to the residents of Creekside Gables in honor of an HRA inspector’s grandmother.
Joe is an inspector for Metro HRA and has been working with Creekside Gables a 55+ senior living community for many years now. Over that time he has had the opportunity to meet many of the residents that make up the community and has formed relationships with the residents and staff.

Recently Joe stopped by with an amazing gift for the residents of Creekside Gables. Joe gave the residents a scrabble board he made for his grandmother. Joe and his grandmother had an incredible bond and shared a love for scrabble. Joe’s grandmother’s sight deteriorated over the years and it became more difficult for her to play the beloved game. Joe, not ready to give up his time with his grandmother handcrafted an oversized scrabble board. Joe and his grandmother enjoyed many games and many wonderful conversations while playing scrabble on this board.
Recently Joe’s grandmother passed away. Joe knowing his grandmother would want this board to be enjoyed by other seniors, donated it to Creekside Gables. Joe stated when he donated the game that he knew his grandmother would be pleased with his decision and she would be smiling down on all as the games were being played.
Thank you Joe, I am confident you have made your grandmother proud!

If you would like to enjoy a game of scrabble, bingo or join in any of the other many activities and events that go on at Creekside Gables Contact Shane or Zenobia at 763.503.0104. We will get the information you need and add you to our mailing list for our monthly newsletter.
We look forward to introducing you to the Creekside Gables family.

Creekside Gables
7601 Zane Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443