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| Community: Cloverleaf Courts

Happy LNRVM #10 – Celebrating Our Residents at Cloverleaf Courts!

June marks the 10th anniversary of Lang Nelson’s unique month-long celebration of our residents and communities. Lang Nelson Resident Visit Month (LNRVM) dedicates the entire month of June to celebrating our residents even more than we already do, with special events, programming, and staff visits with as many of our residents as possible. 

One good way to celebrate in summer is ice cream!  Each week, our activity calendar has a theme, and this week is 50’s Week.  We had a Soda Shop with free sundaes in our beautiful community room, and the turnout was over half the building!  The entire staff served up sundaes made-to-order and everyone bopped along to the jukebox playing hits from their youth. 

Last month, we got our reward for winning Grand Champion of LNRVM #9, a free taco truck from La Taquito’s Big Red Taco Truck!  Staff and residents enjoyed it while celebrating our win and getting ready for LNRVM 10.  What a treat from Lang Nelson – thank you!

Join our community of active seniors and award-winning staff, and let us celebrate you!  Schedule your tour today by calling or emailing Jake or Mary Beth, and we’ll plan your tour around one of the many events this month so you can see all the what living the Lang Nelson Experience is all about!

Cloverleaf Courts
1011 Cloverleaf Parkway NE
Blaine, MN 55434

Jake Ilika
Blaine Campus Manager

Mary Beth Yamaguchi
Blaine Campus Assistant Manager