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| Community: Creekside Gables

The Creekside Gables “My Life” Scrapbook Club was a Huge Success

Here at Creekside Gables, we started a new scrap booking class in February that will become a club. This is something we will do every month and hope to grow. The Club uses old books, newspapers, magazines and all sorts of fun paper designs. The book can be about your favorite things or your childhood, growing up, your children and grandkids, or just your life. One resident is doing her first book as a vision board/book bringing to her what she wants in her life.  It was a fun class to see and learn more about each residents’ stories. I can’t wait for next month’s class!

Remember if you know a friend or family member that would love to make Creekside Gables their home give us call. We would love for them to join our wonderful community because Creekside Rocks! Please call us at 763-503-0104 to schedule your appointment for a tour.

Creekside Gables
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