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| Community: Creekside Gables

February Frolics at Creekside Gables

We here at Creekside Gables are proud to be a part of the Brooklyn Park community.  This month Brooklyn Park has even more events for their residents. Events such as Black History Month Showcase and Winter fest. More detail about these events can be found at

Don’t miss out in all the other activities offered here at Creekside Gables, we have buckets full of new activities and events every month.  Our most recent event was a lunch outing to the Lookout grill. They all came back full and laughing.  Our residents are also able to enjoy art classes, movie night on February 13th, potluck lunch on February 22nd, and outings to events in the community. The list is never ending. 

If you, a friend, or a family member would like to join in on the fun and make Creekside Gables your home, give us a call at 763-503-0104 today to book an appointment to take a tour.  We look forward to showing you all the reasons why Creekside Gables rocks!