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| Community: Creekside Gables

Creekside Gables Cares!

Well here we are already half way through July, can you believe how fast this summer is going. I want to say how much I enjoyed our annual Lang Nelson resident visit month (LNRVM) in June. Even thought we had to change it up this year it was wonderful to at least talk to you all.  I really enjoyed the time we get to spend just talking about you and your life, so thank you for your time and shearing with me.

What a great summer we have had so far this year, the weather has been absolutely beautiful. Let’s hope that it continues into August as our first big event of the month will be our new Outside Canvas painting class. Make sure to sign up early as our max participation will be set at 10 people.

We are also going to roll out a new contest! #wecareaboutcreekside. You also see it over the mail boxes everyday when getting your mail. We know a lot of you are already doing things to make Creekside shine. Let us see how are you taking a personnel interest in Creekside? This month you get to show off and show us what you are doing. This month we are also bringing back a few more of your favorite activities as well, remember to sign up early as there is only limited space and masks will still be required.  Creekside Gables continues to practice Safety measures during this time and we are all adjusting to this new normal. If you or someone you know would like to make Creekside their home, call us! We would love you to join our wonderful community and call Creekside Gables your home! Why? Because Creekside Cares!

Call or email to set up your personal or virtual tour today!


PH: 763-503-0104