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| Community: Creekside Gables

Thank you to Creekside Gables resident Curtis for your service!

Creekside Gables wants to shine a bright light on some of our veterans in the armed services as a salute to our ongoing effort to never forget the sacrifices of our men and women who have served and are still serving our country. 
As we were thinking about the significance of what used to be called Armistice Day that was established at the end of World War l and later changed to Veteran’s Day by the 83rd congress in 1954 when it became a national holiday encompassing all who had given their service through the various wars our country has faced, I wondered who we could honor right here in our building.
When Curtis Simmons was passing by the office on Veterans’ Day, we noticed his cap and jacket alluded to the fact that he was indeed a veteran and a member of the United States Marine Corps, I closed in on him immediately. He was more than happy to share his experiences.
Mr. Simmons followed in his older brother’s footsteps who had served in the marines during the Vietnam conflict. Curtis had his basic training in San Diego California and says that he disliked boot camp but enjoyed traveling halfway around the world during his tour of duty. He was in the infantry and came out with several honors as an expert marksman. 
It is clear to see that Curtis is proud of his service in the marines and is eager to share his experiences with others. I was humbled and honored to hear his story and came away knowing that I had only heard a small portion. 
Thank you Curtis for your contribution to serve and preserve our freedoms here in the United States! We honor and salute you! 
In other areas of appreciation, Creekside Gables continue to pursue ways to honor those who have and are still serving our country by donating to organizations like Troops Need Love Too and never forgetting the sacrifices of our men and women who are currently deployed far away from home and family.
Creekside Gables appreciates all of those who have served, continues to serve and who have family members that are currently serving our country.  Thank you!