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| Community: Broadway Village

Happy Gardening at Broadway Village!

It’s gardening season and we’ve officially opened the garden at Broadway Village this month! Our community garden has 23 plots for residents to plant flowers, fruits and vegetables in each year and so far, the plots have been booking fast! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or are simply looking for where to start, here are a few gardening tips to keep in mind.

Gardening tips:

  1. The more you garden, the more you know: Be patient with your plants and patient with yourself. You can’t expect your garden to be perfect the first year, nor can you know everything about gardening, allow yourself and your plants time to grow!
  2. Before gardening, it’s important to know what you can plant, and what you cannot: It would be nice if you could grow anything anywhere, however, most of what you can grow depends on the region you live in. Make sure to check your USDA Hardiness Zone so you know what plants have a better chance of survival during the winter months, as well as how long your growing season will last (last frost date for spring and your first frost for fall.) It’s always to best to grow native species, they adapt better to your region and help our friendly pollinators.
  3. Have the right soil: Quality soil is key to growing the best plants, so make sure your soil has been composted and contains well aged manure. You never want to use fresh manure as fresh manure has higher amounts of nitrogen that may end up burning your plants instead of helping them. Manure from the wrong animals (pigs, dogs and cats) can have parasites that infect humans.
  4. In order to garden, you need the right tools: If you’re looking for gardening tools and supplies, head on over to your local Bachman’s, Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart and they should have you covered!

We have a great site to share gardening tips please visit the link:

We welcome you to visit our community and see for yourself. Plan to stay for any of our activities and tour one of our beautiful 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with their great views of the community, garden and enjoy a warm cup of coffee at our coffee shop!

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