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| Community: Broadway Village

We appreciate you at Broadway Village!!

Broadway Village is thankful to have such a wonderful community of residents who enjoy being spoiled! We appreciate all those who volunteer, bring their VIP’s and participate in our community events, it really makes us know you love where you live and the community you live in. I would like to thank and acknowledge a group of people who not only do an excellent job of being a Broadway Village resident but go above and beyond.

Cyndie: She does a spectacular job of caretaking our 6056 and 6042 buildings. She is always keeping her buildings and grounds clean and is often a reliable source for new residents and caretakers.

Dan: Those who know him, know he greets all with a smile and giggle whether in passing or entering the community room. He makes people feel welcomed and is always willing to help those needing assistance with our new laundry card system.

Don: He stepped up this year and volunteered to help with our Second Harvest Program when we lost a one of our volunteers. He ensures everyone gets their box of food picked up or delivered.

Faye: She does a superb job of making everyone feel welcomed. Outside of running her own outstanding events that residents love to attend. She is always in good spirit, encouraging VIP’S, residents new and current to try new activities.

MJ: He is well known for his helping hand. Whether that be helping take someone’s trash out, offering to clean people’s cars or delivering Second Harvest Boxes to residents.

All residents received Above & Beyond Awards from their Broadway Village community. Thank you all for going above and beyond!

For more information on the Second Harvest Food Program visit the link below:

We welcome you to visit our community and see for yourself. Plan to stay for any of our activities and tour one of our beautiful 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with their great views of the community and enjoy a warm cup of coffee at our coffee shop!

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