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| Community: Broadway Village

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What a wonderful time to spend with your neighbors and Friends!  Join us for a Stone Soup Event Monday February 8th, 2016.
This is a BV community wide event. We want to carry on the tradition of sharing community and ingredients, while adding to the “Stone Soup.”
1. Please join us, and sign-up in BV community room.
2. Let us know what contribution you wish to add to the Stone soup by Friday, February 5, and look at the side of the page for contribution “ideas.”
3. Plan to have fun, join us, and enjoy delicious soup- together as a BV community!
*Sponsored by People who Care*
Here is some background to the woman that started “The Stone Soup Story.” Madame de Noyer, France 1720
“The Stone Soup story” is from a French woman, Madame de Noyer (1663–1719), a female journalist, a dynamic personality who lived what can only be described as an interesting life, and she created a community that helped share ingredients to soup around a stone, creating “Stone Soup.”
Monday February 8th, 2016
12:00 NOON
RSVP to Broadway Village at 763-533-8230