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The Mayor joins us for lunch at Broadway Village!

 Mayor Kathie loves Broadway Village!
We recently had our regular BV Luncheon with friends on Tuesday, October 20. This time the Mayor Kathie visited us, and she gave us an update about all the New Hope information that we needed to hear about. She also informed us about the new Hyvee grocery store that came recently to New Hope. Broadway Village has already had several visits that we enjoyed, to the Hyvee store, because of our Lang Nelson transportation buses that brought our residents there for one of our grocery visits.
Mayor Kathie feels very comfortable visiting Broadway Village, and we are very excited about our ongoing relationship with her.
Feel free to join our community, check our future events out. We welcome visitors!
While you’re here, check out one of our beautiful 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with breath taking views of our water features and community garden!
Broadway Village Apartments