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Use your Imagination at Broadway Village!

 Imagination Workshop
By, James Gross Community Manager at Broadway Village
Everyone has a talent to share; in this series of blog posts I would like to highlight the unique talents of our residents here at Broadway Village. During resident meetings I came across a gentleman by the nickname of Big Al who has what he called, “an imagination workshop” this is a traveling display of wonderful work using wood and other materials. He has been showcased at several state parks and other events around the state. As an accomplished writer, speaker and woodworker he loves to showcase his workshop; Big Al comes from a family of many talents. He showed me a picture of his mom who was also an accomplished writer herself which he credits his drive from. Big Al and I welcome you to visit our community located at 6046 west Broadway Avenue in New Hope MN 55428 or give us a call today at 763-533-8230 and ask for Jim Gross.
We would be happy to show you the Imagination Workshop display as well as our community here in New Hope! Welcome Home!