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| Community: Broadway Village

Broadway Village celebrates with a Mother's day tea

Mother’s Day Tea
Mother’s day was a day to remember those who help guide us down the path we are on today. We celebrated on May 5th with our mothers from around the community. One question was asked of the mothers was what one saying did they remember their moms telling them or that they have told their children. Some of those sayings were; “No matter what you do, do your best at it”, “Quit making that face or it will stick that way” a mom’s favorite.
We love to celebrate as a community for all of your special occasions and to have great conversation with those from around our community. Some of these attendees utilized our front door concierge program. This is where we come to your door to pick you up for an event.
We would love to have you come join one of our groups to get to know us and for us to get to know you. To sign up for one of our events call Mary or Jim anytime at 763-533-8230 or stop by at 6046 West Broadway New Hope Mn 55428.