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| Community: Broadway Village

Broadway Village Sponsors “Donut Make You Wonder”

In the month of April Broadway Village was honored to participate in the Local “Donut Make You Wonder” presentation, as a sponsor. Each month the City of New Hope teams up with other local park and recreation departments to put on a presentation that includes donuts and coffee. The speaker and topic vary by the month, but it is always educational, entertaining, and enlightening. In April the subject was “Antisemitism: Then and now” It was a very interesting presentation. Our Assistant Manager Maria had the opportunity to share a little bit about the benefits and experience of living here at Broadway Village and invited the guests to join us for our upcoming baked potato bar. It was a great opportunity to meet some of our area seniors, and we look forward to more collaboration with the park and rec department of New Hope! Make sure to join us for our next partnership event, which is Bingo at the Civic Center Park on Friday June 14th!

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Broadway Village Apartments
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