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| Community: Broadway Village

A Day After Freedom Celebrating at Broadway Village

There are many Holidays to celebrate throughout the year - Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, 4th of July, but one holiday that is seldom mentioned is Juneteenth!! Although it has been celebrated since June 19th of 1865 (when it all began), this Holiday has not received as much acknowledgement as it deserves. So, what is Juneteenth and why should it be remembered? The day commemorates the arrival of Union Soldiers in Galveston, TX, bringing the good news that the Emancipation Proclamation had been in effect for nearly 2 years, and the enslaved people were indeed free. The holiday provides a platform to remember the horrors of slavery in the United States of America, while confirming that those same horrors are not repeated. This year, Broadway Village was privileged to host an incredible event for our diverse community. We were able to commemorate and celebrate the Juneteenth Holiday with great food, good friends, dedicated community members, and an incredible speaker Aiysha Mustapha. From Aiysha, we learned that Juneteenth became a Federal Holiday in June 2021. Juneteenth is typically celebrated with foods that are red in color, and traditional to the Black community and culture. We enjoyed a meal of red beans and rice, collard and mustard greens, fried chicken, and red velvet cake, along with a refreshing red punch. This meal was lovingly prepared by our own Assistant Manager Maria Leon, who planned the event in its entirety. Our residents were served this meal by New Hope Police Chief Tim Hoyt, Officer Brad Kallio, New Hope City Councilman Michael Isenberg, Human Rights Commissioners Kaamil Hassan, Kendra Curry and staff member Jaylen Leon-Palmore…We totaled 78 participants, and it was an event to remember.

Residents, their VIPS and prospective residents ate together, remembered together and looked forward to a brighter future together.

 Juneteenth, you deserve to be celebrated!

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