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| Community: Blaine Courts

ACCAP is Here to Help Residents of Blaine Courts!

We have a great relationship with Anoka County Community Action Program (ACCAP), located right here in Blaine, MN.  Lisa DeRosier, our Senior Outreach Worker, visits throughout the year with residents upon request who may need resources.  She also comes in the fall to help residents register for Energy Assistance.  Every June, we invite her to our Resident Meeting to share what ACCAP is doing in the community, and the many resources and services they provide to those in need.  Lisa is amazing at what she does, and has helped so many of our residents, and ACCAP overall helps thousands of seniors of Anoka County each year.

As their website ( writes: “The Anoka County Community Action Program, Inc. (ACCAP) is an independent nonprofit agency, which began in 1965 under the Economic Opportunity Act. Every year, ACCAP serves thousands of residents in Anoka County, Minnesota through a wide range of programs. A volunteer Governing Board, made up of representatives of the public sector, private sector, and the low-income community, directs the activities of ACCAP.”  Located at the Human Services Building (1201 89th Ave NE #3500, Blaine MN), they offer several programs to help lift low-income and disadvantaged individuals out of poverty and help them become productive citizens of the community.  Though they offer help and services to all individuals, our partnership as a senior community focuses on programs through their robust Senior Outreach program, led by the amazing Lisa DeRosier.

Anoka County Community Action Program
1201 89th Ave NE #3500, Blaine MN 55434

Are you looking for a new senior community that truly cares about their residents, has a large network of resources for seniors, offers a robust calendar of social, spiritual, and wellness opportunities, and achieves the highest quality of life they can?  We invite you to call our award-winning community today to hear more about our partnership with Lisa and ACCAP, our upcoming availability, and our unique and resident-driven programming.  You’ll love living here at Blaine Courts!

Blaine Courts
701 85th Ave. NE
Blaine, MN 55434
Jake Ilika
Blaine Campus Manager
Mary Beth Yamaguchi
Blaine Campus Assistant Manager