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| Community: Blaine Courts

Wellness Wednesday Got a Boost from the Blaine Courts Garden Club!

One of the goals of our Garden Club this year was to throw a Salad Party once the crops came in.  And what a party was had!  We served up over half the residents of Blaine Courts with fresh veggies from the garden grown by our own resident gardeners.  Jake cut onions (he’s not crying…) and prepped other produce from the raised garden beds, and residents lined up to adorn their salads and have a healthy lunch together for Wellness Wednesdays. 

We’d love for you to join us and get your green thumb going next Spring.  Call us today to set up a tour and join our wait list so you can join in all the fun we have as a community, and reserve your garden spot for spring of 2023!

Blaine Courts
701 85th Ave. NE
Blaine, MN 55434

Jake Ilika
Blaine Campus Manager

Mary Beth Yamaguchi
Blaine Campus Assistant Manager