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| Community: Blaine Courts

Birthdays are celebrated BIG at Blaine Courts!

Maintaining normalcy when things aren’t normal can be tough.  But Blaine Courts residents prove their resilience, as they have since March when things changed for all of us.  Birthdays are always a special day to reflect on our friendships and relationships with those we love.  Blaine Courts residents and their families and friends still get creative and show the love!  It’s hard not to give hugs or throw parties, but we’ve found fun and thoughtful ways to make the “birthday boys and girls” feel special and loved!

 Blaine Courts continues to practice “Stay Safe” measures while adapting to and implementing current guidelines, and still providing the Lang Nelson Experience for our residents and community.  Contact us for an in-person or virtual tour of all we have to offer at Blaine Courts.

Call or email Amanda or Jake today!

Amanda Morrison – Blaine Campus Manager
763-784-0063 –

Jake Ilika – Blaine Campus Assistant Manager
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