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| Community: Blaine Courts

Join Mary the conductor and other great residents at Blaine Courts!

Meet Mary, the conductor!  Mary is a friendly, active member of our Blaine Courts community and she is a model railroad enthusiast!  Mary began her love of trains through her father who worked for the Soo Line Railroad for over 25 years as a brakeman.  She has been collecting model train memorabilia for many years.  Her favorite piece is her white Soo Line diesel engine as pictured, which rings, toots, and blows smoke.  Mary compliments her train set with a town to include model houses, stores, streets, lights, trees, people and even snow.  Mary says when she lights up her train and town at night it is especially pretty and adds another dimension of fun and enjoyment to her collecting!  The knowledge Mary has about her trains is extensive, interesting, inspiring, and she enjoys sharing it with others!  

We have fun and interesting residents here at Blaine Courts!  

If you would like a tour of our building or would like to find out more about the Blaine Courts community,call Amanda at 763-784-0063!

Blaine Courts
701 85th Avenue NE
Blaine, MN 55434