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The Fountain of Longevity found in Charming Blaine Courts!

If Ponce de Leon is touted for finding the Fountain of Youth in Florida, then 2 of our long-term residents, Helen and Steve, will most definitely be noted for finding the Fountain of Longevity at Blaine Courts. Both of these cherished residents are turning 100 years young this year. Steve will become a revered centenarian on New Year’s Eve, and Helen just celebrated her 100th birthday on Labor Day weekend with a grand gathering of friends and no fewer than 4 generations of her family.
Thoughts of coming into this world a full century ago made for a curiosity-driven trip into Google-land to see what life was all about in 1915, the year Helen and Steve were born. Here is snapshot of life’s offerings back in the good ol’ days:
The US President was Woodrow Wilson, the 28th.
We now have our 44th with Barack Obama.
The US flag had 48 stars.
The first stone of the Lincoln Memorial was put into place.
The world population was 1.8 billion - It is well over 7 billion now
There were 62 countries in 1915. Today the world has 206.
The Philippines was an American colony in 1915.
The US occupies Haiti to safeguard the interest of US corporations.
The Women’s Peace Party is organized.
In St. Paul, Minnesota, the Cathedral of St. Paul was newly consecrated.
The national yearly median household income was about $1,200 – today it is $53,000
The cost of a new home averaged $3,200 – in Minnesota today it is $165,000
A car could be bought in the Sears catalogue, for an average of $500. Today it is just over $30,000.
The first-­‐ever stop sign appeared in Detroit.
Gasoline prices rose from 7 cents to 25 cents per gallon.
A first class postage stamp sold for 2 cents.
Round steak sold for 23 cents a pound.
Eggs cost 34 cents per dozen
Milk was 35 cents per gallon.
A loaf of bread was 7 cents.
Coffee sold for 30 cents per pound.
A ten pound bag of potatoes cost only 15 cents.
Kraft processed cheese was developed, as well as Pyrex, the telephone, Bayer aspirin, and Raggedy Ann.
The price of silver was at $1.29 per ounce and gold was at $20.67 per ounce.
Today they are $14.62 and $1,106.00 respectively.
Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park was founded.
Babe Ruth hit his first home run as player for the Boston Red Sox.
Life expectancy for males was 52.5 years, 56.8 for females.
Today it is 76.4 for males and 81.2 for females.
The US House rejected a proposal to give women the right to vote.
Yes my have DONE IT RIGHT!
Written by Sandy Holth, Blaine Courts Manager
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