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| Community: The Arbors of White Bear Lake

Simple Pleasures at the Arbors of White Bear Lake

In this crazy world we are living in today, it is sometimes hard to look past all of the negative news and world events and find a little bit of joy in our daily lives. We may think back to a quieter time in our life, before technology, cellphones, and pandemics, yearning for a little piece of the past for just a day.  We thought it would be fun to take our residents back to a simpler time, reliving some activities that many had enjoyed in their childhood years.

We remembered how fun it used to be to make Paper Airplanes and have flying contests. So on a Wednesday afternoon in September, our residents put their creative skills to work, folding paper into aerodynamic flying machines (and some maybe not so aerodynamic)!  We had winners in the categories of Most Original Creation, Farthest Flight, and Most Interesting Flight. The laughter and smiles were abundant and definitely were the highlight of that afternoon!

Another fun event brought back from the past was Show and Tell. Wasn’t it always so fun to see what your friends brought to school to share? It could be as simple as a Hot Wheels car or a favorite yo-yo, but hearing all about their treasure was captivating. Our residents have so many unique and interesting items that they have brought to this event including: model ships, antique paper doll books, original paintings, family ceramic ware, and so much more! You can just see the joy in each resident’s face as they tell us about their item and why it holds such a special place in their heart.

Sometimes all we need in life are simple pleasures; like flying paper airplanes or showing a friend a special trinket we hold dear. It makes us smile and brings back happy memories. Think back to what brought you joy before our world became so fast-paced, and maybe consider doing this activity again? Simple pleasures are life’s treasures.

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The Arbors of White Bear

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