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| Community: The Arbors of White Bear Lake

Arbors Shares its Salad Success!

A few years back we had our first Community Salad Bar. Being that there were several residents who shared that they did not eat salad, we had to show them how amazing salad can be. Salad should not be just a plate full of lettuce, but some lettuce to accompany all of the wonderful, nutritious, colorful toppings. Our first salad bar had some of the most interesting things and since then, the salad bar is one of our favorite events. 

One of the best things about it is challenging each other to come up with some of the most creative toppings. Have you tried pickled cactus?  Herring? Tofu?  Hummus? Artichokes? Beets? Raisins? Edamame? The options are endless and we know how important it is to eat such a variety of healthy, fresh food.

Our salad bar makes eating salad fun and easy. Everyone just brings a topping, it’s simple but oh so delicious!  We know that having all of the items to top a salad on hand may be difficult, especially the perishables. In our senior living community, many of our residents say that produce can spoil before it all can be consumed. When everyone brings something, we can have 50+ toppings for our salads, and we thoroughly enjoy it!

Let us know if you’d like to join us for one of our delicious salad bars! We’d love to show you some of our interesting toppings! 

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