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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

The Mayor of New Hope Is in My Home at Anthony James

This month the residents of The Anthony James invited the Mayor of New Hope to come into their home. The Mayor Kathi Hemken excepted and arrived at 4pm with Council person John Elder. Mayor Hemken’s provided the residents with specific information that senior residents in New Hope need to be aware of. There was a great interaction between the mayor and residents, with good questions and informative answers. Mayor Hemken ended her presentation by informing the residents that this would be her last term in office.

Council Member & Law Enforcement Officer John Elder accompanied the mayor, and spoke to the residents about the current state of policing in the Minneapolis surrounding area. The back-and-forth conversation was thoughtful, informative and very interesting.

The Anthony James community of residents would like to thank Mayor Hemken and Council Person Elder for their time, information and candor.

To learn more about the City of New Hope Mayor and Council members go to:  or

For more information on making Anthony James your next home call 763-535-3840.