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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

Our light shines at Anthony James this month on Janice J!

Janice grew up in North Dakota. She later moved to Angus, MN where she attended high school. After Janice was married, she moved to the Minneapolis area and lived in New Hope for 35 years!

Janice is the mother of 3 children, her two sons and a daughter. She spent a lot of time watching her sports for her children, as they played baseball, hockey, and soccer. Janice even traveled to Switzerland to watch a hockey tournament! Janice enjoys all types of food, but seafood is her favorite. Her hobbies also include bowling.

When asked why she decided to move here to the Anthony James, Janice responded that the cleanliness of the building sealed the deal! Please make sure to say hello to her, and make her feel very welcome as one of our newest residents!

Would you like to join Janice at our community? If so, reach out to us via phone or email so we can talk about one of the upcoming vacancies we will have, in either a 1 or 2 BR apartment. We look forward to having you join in on the Lang Nelson Experience!

The Anthony James on Broadway
6100 West Broadway Ave
New Hope, MN 55428