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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

Anthony James' Sam is a Jolly Good Fellow

The Anthony James is lucky to have an incredible maintenance tech, Sam. Not only does Sam keep our building and grounds in great condition, but he interacts with and connects to our residents in a way that is truly unique. Sam does not just see unit numbers on a door, he knows the resident behind each door by name. If you were to ask him why he does his work here, he would answer easily that it is because he loves the people. Sam was recently nominated for a MADACs award, which is a prestigious award given by the Minnesota Multi Housing Association. While Sam did not win at the awards ceremony, we all already know he is a winner! The residents of the Anthony James showed their great appreciation for Sam with a cake and party the Monday following the ceremony. As he entered the room they all sang “For he is a jolly good fellow.” A fun time was had by all, and Sam was completely surprised. Thank you to the Anthony James residents for valuing Sam so much. Thank you Sam for being such an important part of what makes Anthony James a great home for so many, you truly are the best.

To see a full list of the MADACS nominees and winners, including six new awards won by Lang Nelson, please visit

The Anthony James on Broadway
6100 West Broadway Ave
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