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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

Fun Outings on the Bus with AJ!

Here at the Anthony James, we love to take the bus! We are so lucky to live with Lang Nelson, who provides transportation to us, not only for important things like grocery shopping, but for plenty of fun! Each month we take the bus to dinner out! Whether we pick a casual place like Culver’s or plan something a bit more upscale like the Cheesecake Factory, we are guaranteed a good time. Last month, we even had an outing to the Apple Orchard! Transportation is not normal in senior living! We love it. Please consider joining in on one of outings in November!

We are headed out to Café Zupa’s on November 9,  The MN History Center on November 14 and The Lookout Bar and Grill on November 21.

Lang Nelson Transportation also provides services to our sister sites. Call us to learn more!

The Anthony James on Broadway
6100 West Broadway Ave
New Hope, MN 55428