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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

The Anthony James is Grateful!

Each year the residents of Anthony James gather together to share a Thanksgiving meal. This year was no exception. Around 40 residents gathered together in the community room to laugh, chat, and eat, filling both their bellies and their hearts. The Thanksgiving meal is easily one of the favorite events for the residents, and it gives each of them a great opportunity to share what they are thankful for. Residents shared things such as: health, family, faith, and good neighbors. We even got to enjoy our own hand-crafted wooden turkey, created by a long-time resident, Hop. We have many more fun events and activities planned for the month of December, such as our holiday party on December 23 at 5:30 pm, so please join us!

If you hope to be able to say you are thankful for good neighbors, a great community, and a maintenance tech that always goes above and beyond, please call us to schedule your tour of the Anthony James!

The Anthony James on Broadway
6100 West Broadway Ave
New Hope, MN 55428