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| Community: The Anthony James on Broadway

Anthony James Residents Have Such Generous Hearts!

Each year Lang Nelson encourages each of our communities to participate in charitable giving. Most communities step it up a little extra during the Holiday Season and The Anthony James is no exception!

Our residents decided to give food donations to our local food-shelf, Near Food-shelf. We also collected donations of hats, mittens, and scarves, both handmade and store bought. One of the fantastic NEAR Food-shelf volunteers has chosen to make AJ their home and reported back that she delivered 106 pounds of food and 3 full boxes of hats, mittens and gloves! It is so wonderful to know that our residents have such kind and generous hearts, especially in a world of rising costs. Thank you, Anthony James Residents!  

To learn more about the NEAR food shelf please follow the link at

To make the Anthony James your new home, call us at 763-535-3840 or email