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| Community: Twin Lake North

Twin Lake North is "Stepping Up" During COVID-19!

Residents at The NEW Twin Lake North are gaining an appreciation for the beautiful outdoor space surrounding their homes. Normally, it is the warmer, spring weather that gets residents out of their homes but now everyone is taking advantage of their time away from work and other canceled commitments to spend more time outdoors. We want to help keep residents motivated to stay active and healthy during this time, so Twin Lake North is doing a walking challenge through the end of May!

Twin Lake North Residents are encouraged to track their miles or steps and submit them to Erin, the activities coordinator, each week via email or in-writing. As a community, we will track our progress toward our goal of 500 miles (or 1,560,000 steps). Twin Lake North will provide bottled water for participants. All participants will also be entered into a grand prize drawing of a 73-oz water bottle similar to the much talked about bottles that Twin Lake North staff have been using.

Twin Lake North staff are not the only part of this community putting in an effort. Residents have stepped up to help each other with grocery shopping needs, gardening, and spreading love and unity during this difficult time. Take a look at the picture to the (right) of one of our residents’ patio doors. They spent time decorating it with hearts to join the world campaign of showing unity- #worldofhearts. Tell us what you have been doing to stay positive and connected during this time! Call (763) 533-1168 or email and let us know.

Twin Lake North
4539 58th Ave N
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429