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New Year, Still The “New” Twin Lake North

What does the word “new” mean to you? A lot of times when we think of something new, it’s the appearance that stands out. A car looks new, new-looking appliances, a new hair style, etc. Here at Twin Lake North, we are most proud of our new abilities to serve our residents. Sure, we love to talk about the siding upgrades or the fresh paint-coat and clean carpets in your building common areas, but often times it’s the “new” things that go unnoticed that impact our resident’s lives the most.

One of the “new” that flies under the radar is our staff. We’re excited to welcome David to the office team as our new housing specialist. David (pictured) has a love for sports, family, and true Chicago-style pizza (as he is originally from there). He can’t wait to meet the many residents that come in and out of our clubhouse each month. When we re-open, make sure stop by and say hi and introduce all of your VIP’s to him!

Another “new” that you might not notice is the new modes of communication that TLN has been introducing this past year. 2020 really set the standard for virtual communication, so we are embracing that and encouraging our residents to do the same. Did you have a chance to check out our Holiday Jubilee on Facebook? Or what about our virtual holiday scavenger hunts (pictured)? Be a part of a time in history where people have begun communicating electronically now more than ever before. If you need assistance creating an email account or getting added to our email list or social media platforms, please contact the office: 763-533-1168.

What “new” are you looking forward to in 2021? Whatever it is, we know there is a way that Twin Lake North can help you make it a success!

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