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Together, We Can Support Small Businesses of White Bear Lake

The New Thomasville, where community engagement and site enhancements make the experience apart of the experience of living in White Bear Lake it the quiet but fun filled little town, we have which includes so many small businesses! So, since I have a sweet tooth, I decided what better way to satisfy that sweet tooth other than a Candy Store! Luckily, we have a great little Candy shop right here in WBL it is called SweetLife Lane Located on 3rd street! I talked with the owner of SweetLife and she said some of her and her husband’s favorite candies are the chocolate and the nostalgic candies but its so hard to narrow it down to just one. Christi and Matt are the owners of this sweet little shop they really love this community and all it brings to the table, they said that the community shares the passion that everyone is welcome! They have so much to offer in this little shop: Chocolate, candies, gift bags, popcorn and so much more!

Watch your April Calendar Thomasville will be having a pop-up event filled with treats from SweetLife Lane! We ask that you pop down pick up a treat or two and then leave a google review for this great little shop!

Here are the links if you are interested in reading more about!

Watch them on TCL-

Be sure to tell your family and friends to come and join in on all the fun at Thomasville because here you are family! Pictures above are SweetLife Lane and some of their yummy treats!

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