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Thomasville Residents Walking Club has started!

Lets get walking! We have kicked off our Thomasville Walking Club! Once again we we have started our walking club, we walk down to the local farmers market. We meet at the clubhouse at 9 am every Friday morning. Wear comforamble shoes and bring water. We always have a wonderful time. Join us on June 24th when we will be having lunch as well as White Bear Lake kicks off Market Fest Days! Watch for these exciting Thomasville up coming events, visit our page and click on our activity calendar to find more details. 

Sherrie M. is a 27 year resident of Thomasville and an avid walker in all seasons and weather! This is what Sherrie has to say about her home at Thomasville,“I like being close to all the shops in downtown White Bear Lake. I enjoy sitting out with all the gardeners and watching their gardens grow. The landscaping at Thomasville is just beautiful and the potted flower plants on the steps really make the place sparkle. My apartment is just the right size and I enjoy decorating my home. The clubhouse is full of activity and it feels like my home away from home!”

You can have it all living at Thomasville!

  • Community garden space
  • Community clubhouse
  • C.S.A. drop site host
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Monthly roundtable wellness programs
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Living by the Lake…and so much more!

Stop in, Email, or call to schedule your personal tour at Thomasville today!
Thomasville Apartments
1720 4th Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110