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| Community: River Oaks of Anoka

Music Soothes the Body and Soul at River Oaks!

We’ve all heard the idiom, “Music is good for the soul.” But according to the evidence, it’s good for your health as well.  Study after study has found that music therapy has a positive effect on a broad range of physical and psychological conditions.

When you walk into River Oaks you often hear music, whether it’s a sing along, someone playing the piano, or the days when we would invite choirs in to entertain our residents   Music is proven to bring joy to those that hear it and when we hear music at River Oaks, we stop and smell the Roses.  This week we are celebrating the amazing talents of some of our valued residents.  Often once the music starts, the residents gather and what starts as an event of listening to the beautiful sounds, turns into a memorable event that touches many. 

We look forward to continuing to add social activities and opportunities to our full calendar.  Spring is near and the future is bright!

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