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| Community: Park Boulevard Office Building

Meet Our Longest Valued Tenant at Park Boulevard, Don Bulfer

Since 1974 Don has welcomed both Corporate and private clients and assisted them in reading, writing, math and college test preparation. Don also specializes in educating students with Learning Disorders. His warm spirit and kind and gentle soul make him a person you learn to trust, value and appreciate.  Don has been teaching children and adults,  in his beautiful corner office, the value of education and learning.  He is a friend to many and an expert in his field!  Thank you Don for being such a valued tenant in our Park Boulevard office building for over 30 years.  We adore you!   

“Don is fantastic. My daughter studied with Don to improve writing and reading and prepare for the ACT/SAT tests. With hard work and Don's help, she was admitted to her top choice college. I highly recommend him.” Dan D.

“Don is the best in the business. He educates each student as a unique individual and as a whole person, not simply an academic student.” Noah F.

“Don Bulfer has been educating for 60+ years. He has educated over 50,000 students throughout his career. And that’s my low estimate. I was a B’s and C’s student and Don taught me how unlock my potential to higher grades and a 31 on my ACT. He’s the best of the best.”  BWL

To get more information on Don Bulfer and Associates please call Don directly at 952-920-1362 or visit his Facebook page at @donbulfer.