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There May Not Be Something Called a Free Lunch, But Free Cable Does Exist!

As we are asked to stay home and practice social distancing, you like most are likely listing the different things that can be done to occupy your time.  Not surprising TV is on most lists.  However, at this point you may have exhausted you DVR and have begun looking for new stations and titles to fill your time.

You’re in luck, Xfinity is offering current subscribers access to some premier channels not offered with basic cable.  The offer extends through much of April, with some channels extending into May.  For more information please visit

    • The reading Corner – April 19th
    • Dog TV – April 21st
    • Kids Room - April 19th

    • Daily Burn – April 9th
    • Grokker - April 19th
    • Curiosity Stream – April 19th
    • History Vault – May 18th
    • The Great Courses - April 19th
    • Showtime – April 19th
    • Epix – April 19th
    • Acorn TV – April 9th
    • Gravitas Movies – May 25th
    • Urban Movie Channel – April 9th

Hallmark Movies – April 25th