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| Community: Orono Woods

Come to a Chat and Chowder at Orono Woods!

These are some photos of a recent chat and chowder here at Orono Woods.  You might wonder, “what is chat and chowder”?  This is a set day each month where we all get together to enjoy some warm food and well, chat!  The chow part fills our bellies and the chat fills are hearts and mind.  You will find easy friendships here at Orono Woods.  If you would like to attend a chat and chowder, you are invited!  Call us to reserve your spot at 952-473-0010.  We’d love to hear about you and tell you about us! 

Orono Woods
2040 West Wayzata Blvd
Wayzata, MN, 55356
(952) 473-0010