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| Community: Orono Woods

Orono Woods Heads Into 2021 With A Laugh!

Here at Orono Woods, we spread some laughter by delivering door-to-door jokes along with laughy taffy for all to enjoy. Smiling with our neighbors topped off with something sweet…you can’t go wrong! Today we find ourselves in an environment where a “laugh” can really brighten our days. The Orono Woods family likes to have fun and we enjoy finding ways to support each other through this time.

Remember before the New Year when we were all worried about the dumb jokes that came with it? Well, hindsight is 2020 😉

If you find yourself looking at a potential move, we hope you would give us an opportunity to show you what we are all about.  Please reach out at 952-473-0010 for a personal invite to any one of our events that interest you.

2040 Wayzata Blvd
Long Lake, MN 55356