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| Community: Orono Woods

Orono Woods "Bag of Awesomeness"

This Bag of Awesomeness

Who is up for a game of cornhole?  We have some champions here at Orono Woods so you better bring on your best game!  Recently, Orono Woods won an award for having the best resident visit within the Lang Nelson family.  Wondering what a resident visit is?  It is time that we take special with each resident and the Orono Woods team to find out what is most important to better enrich their experience while living at Orono Woods.  This may be adding something to our social calendar or it may be looking at future improvements to the community.  It gives us an opportunity to spoil our residents by listening and understanding the customer.

Lang Nelson let us pick out something special to celebrate this win and we decided a cornhole game would be a fun way to get together with both our neighbors and children/grandchildren when they come to visit!   

Want to be a part of a community where your choices matter?  Give Bobbi Jo a call in the leasing office at 952-473-0010 for more information.

Our Mission is to go above & beyond our residents expectations.  We are dedicated to providing quality living environments that enhance our residents' lives physically, socially & spiritually."