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| Community: Park Boulevard Office Building

Our Drivers are our family!  (Round 2)

Our LN transportation drivers are still practicing safe social distancing during this time of change.  We want to thank each of our residents for their continued support!  As you know, our transportation has been paused briefly through the beginning of May however, they want you to know they are doing well and miss the valuable residents that live within the Lang Nelson family!  Featured below are the final 3 of our drivers sharing some positive words during this time of change.  See previous blog published April 10th to see the first 3.

Kirk greatly misses each one of you and is spending quality time with family.  He is “Enjoying the high life on the water with his wife and daughter.”

Gary, who lives at a Lang Nelson community himself says, “Hello to all, I am enjoying my daily walks and reading more than ever, I look forward to getting back to work!”

Finally, Al (not pictured because his so busy 😊) is still proudly driving school bus during the week dropping off meals to the community school children and also working his day job at Hy-Vee.  He says, “He misses his weekend spiritual runs and looks forward to getting you back to church.”

Our drivers thank you for your continued dedication to the Lang Nelson Transportation program.  We will be back on the road soon!  Wheels up!

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