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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Lurkey The Turkey Displays What The Legacy is Thankful For

This year, The Legacy joined together and sharing with all what we are thankful for. The residents and staff had a great time sharing on a feather something they are thankful for that was added to Lurkey the turkey. Lurkey sat at the front desk to greet all those coming and going throughout the day creating a conversation piece for sure. Residents, families and staff sharing together all they are thankful for with some laughter and cheer in the air.

Thanksgiving spirit continued throughout the month at The Legacy were each of the staff members received the supplies to make their own Turkey hat to wear on Turkey Hat Day. Staff paraded around showing off their best turkey hat work each with its own creative twist. Residents chuckled and giggled while seeing the hats and then the Thanksgiving stories began to be shared.

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