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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

"Wren the Raccoon" Sparks Creativity at The Legacy of St. Anthony

The buzz continues at The Legacy as we continue to share more about our furry little friend named Wren. Residents and staff got the chance to add their own special touch to our hand-painted portrait of Wren. The beautiful piece of art now hangs on display with photos of staff and residents participating in creating such an amazing work of art.

Who is Wren the Raccoon?? Wren is a lovable raccoon that we frequently see around the parking lot early mornings that has become our mascot! What better animal than the raccoon to help us shed our tough 2020 and face 2021 with a clear head and full heart, working together to connect with our loved ones with a sense of genuine self, patience and hope. Wren is a beacon of hope for staff, residents, and loved ones.

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