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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Barnyard Buddies Petting Zoo at The Legacy

Sheep, cows and goats oh my! Oh, how the residents and staff share in their love for animals. Since all residents have received their 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine they wait in anticipation for the Barnyard Buddies to arrive for a fun afternoon of a socially distanced petting zoo experience. In the past The Legacy has had many great experiences with animals from penguins to kangaroos and lovable llamas too. Cock-a- Doodle Zoo had the crew of residents waiting upon arrival to see the ring-tailed lemurs, fox and even Julio the kangaroo. Como Zoo has also stopped by to share with us other animals as well. Then there was the Lovable Llamas as well where outside we gathered, fed them, and even took them on walks. We look forward to gathering together for the Barnyard Buddies and can’t wait to see what the next animal event might be.

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