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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy Herb Garden is Already Flourishing This Year!

While our residents work diligently with us to find what our new norm is, we are happy to continue providing hearty and healthy meals here at The Legacy. Some things haven't changed! Our herb garden is flourishing and this year we have even added 2 tomato plants to the mix! As we enter into the summer months we hope to provide summer salads and more, depending on our supply chain's "new normal!"

For questions about meal changes or to add more meals, contact Breanna. While we aren't doing chef chat at the moment, you will still see IDA staff at meal times--feel free to offer feedback or ideas! We look forward to sharing our meals with you soon!

The Legacy of St. Anthony
Stephanie Brownlee | Assistant Executive Director
2540 Kenzie Terrace | St. Anthony, MN 55418 | (612) 843-3700