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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy of St. Anthony Took a Step Back into the Gangster Era

Here at The Legacy we have a variety of different activities.  The last few months we have been learning about the Gangsters.

 In June and July we had a speaker, Dale Blanshan, who spoke of the Younger Gang which included Jesse James and how they robbed a bank in Northfield.  In July for our outing we took a Gangster bus tour in St. Paul traveling around St. Paul visiting the different sites where the gangsters hung out.  We also learned a bit more of the late 1800 happenings. 

We stayed on our bus and costumed actress, Edna the Kissing Bandit, boarded and entertained the entire bus.  She was a very good actress and we had a blast.

The Legacy of St. Anthony
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St. Anthony, MN, 55418
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