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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Educational Presentations Ramping Back up at The Legacy!

The Legacy of St. Anthony is excited and looking forward to having our educational presenters being able to join us in our community starting in March. These presenters have brought a lot of great education to our residents. Residents enjoy gathering to be educated on health topics by local medical providers that are associated with The Legacy along with presenters who share history in the Northeast community. In the past, our topics have ranged from Flu Shot Q&A, Vanishing Landmarks of MN, and Amelia Earhart History.

Our educational presenters come with great knowledge of the topics they share with us here at The Legacy as many have experienced things first hand, which make their stories vibrant and entertaining. Our first informative presentation of 2021 will be facilitated by Twin Cities Physicians and will focus on General Health & Wellness!

Twin Cities Physicians:

Call TODAY to start your experience at 612-843-3700 or email