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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Volunteers & Activities Abound at The Legacy!

The Legacy of St. Anthony is so excited that our regular volunteers had the opportunity to be vaccinated with the residents and staff. Together the volunteers, residents and staff all received the second COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday February 13th.

The Legacy volunteers are looking forward to getting back to seeing the residents and helping to fill the activity calendar. The residents are also looking forward to getting to have our volunteers back. Starting in March our calendar will be filled up with socially distanced bingo, non—denominational worship services, Bible study, communion and rosary, group crossword, nail care, arts & crafts, presenters, lunchtime music, and much more! You can find many of our residents prepping for bible study, reading, chatting about worship services, and showing off our latest creative endeavor.

The Legacy is so grateful for our volunteers and can’t thank them enough for all they do and bring with them to The Legacy.

Call TODAY to start your experience at 612-843-3700 or email