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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Together We #GotVaccinated at The Legacy

On Saturday, February 13th The Legacy of St. Anthony took the next step in fighting COVID-19. Yes, the residents and staff received their 2nd COVID-19 Vaccination, helping to inoculate our community and supporting our commitment to continue delivering the award winning experience we are known for.

The Legacy residents and staff have been looking forward to this day and counting down since our first vaccine clinic with CVS on January 16th. Residents loved their 2nd vaccine clinic take away, which was hand delivered by the staff prior to the clinic. The poem that was placed in a shadowbox is about surviving and thriving… about both the residents and staff taking back their lives. Together the residents and staff worked to make this poem possible.

Love Loss Living
Last year unveiled a battle for each,
Alone in uncharted waters
Grief, sorrow, isolation, loneliness
Forced hurting allies
Alas a new year,
A new start, a new version
From sorrow grows hope,
Faith, union, charity
Connection springs from the ashes
Of deepest adversity
Look forward together, pledge love,
Inspire gratitude, forget nothing

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