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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Ida Marie & The Legacy of St. Anthony is Still Making a Difference During These Challenging Times!

Making a difference in a changing, challenging world is what comes to mind each and every day when I drive into work these days.​Today Ida Marie staff got to sing Happy Birthday to a Wonderful resident that has to celebrate in her own home with only the technology of our times to share this special day with her family.

Ida Marie is proud to continue offering home cooked, comfort food and fantastic meals even in the toughest times. We continue each day to find a balance between healthy, well rounded meals that are familiar and comfortable to all. The best times of the day for our staff has easily become meal delivery time, where our staff can interact one on one with residents, entertain them, tell funny stories, and even, on some occasions dance for them. Ida Marie is happy to continue offering exceptional service and great food every day.

Call today to learn more about how Chef Brad, his team, and all of Legacy can spoil you!

The Legacy of Saint Anthony
2540 Kenzie Terrace
Saint Anthony, MN 55418