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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Chef Bradley Shares His Love of Gardening with the Legacy of St. Anthony

One of my greatest joys is that I get to spread my gift of gardening and offer flowers to the residents I serve. From the beginnings of spring, with my hand deep within the rich soil of planting, to weeding and nurturing plants throughout the season, I find serenity.   It is peace I achieve in seeing and feeling the gifts that mother nature can offer us with its natural elements of rain, sunshine and time. Sharing cuttings and arrangements with our Legacy family is a pleasure that only true gardeners know. Come to Ida Marie to share a meal with family and friends anytime. As we get into fall weather, we will begin to offer heartier and heavier food options.  Join us, and you will continue to see our beautiful flowers on all of the tables in both the dining room and bistro.

Chef Bradley Collins
The Legacy of St Anthony 

The Legacy of St. Anthony
2540 Kenzie Terrace
St. Anthony, MN 55418