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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Let the Growing Begin at Ida Marie Legacy

This spring has a certain glow to it as we enter the middle of May. Residents are getting outside for walks and we have now started the growing season on the patio area! We’re so excited about our new-found freedom to involve our residents in this Herb Garden and Tomato growing season. The rosemary rubbed on a pork loin and slow roasted to tender doneness tastes even better because we grew our own rosemary. Fresh sliced tomatoes on burgers and sandwiches all grown in our own backyard adds love and richness to the meal. We’re all grateful to see the herbs growing from the dining room windows, it brings a special feeling of those days when many of our residents lived and grew up on Minnesota farms and had gardens of their own. This spring we’re preparing to shed our masks and join together and let the growing season begin.

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